Mineral Water Unit


Mineral Water Unit

Raw water feed pump

Raw water feed pump is using to feed the water to sand and carbon filter.


Pressure Sand Filters (PSF)

Turbidity in the water is suspended insoluble matter including coarse particles (mud, sediment, sand etc.,) the turbidity (silt) of R.O feed water is <5ppm.these materials can be removed by pressure sand filter.

aquapureguard carbon filter

This is the process of passing water containing suspended matter through a suitable porous material (filter media) to effectively remove the suspended solids in the water. Filter media commonly employed are graded and washed sand of effective size 0.35mm to 0.50mm resting on a supporting under bed of crushed gravel and pebbles of four varying sizes, with coarsest size at the bottom of the bed. When water passing through these beds suspended solids is a filter on top of the filter. Back washing of filter beds has to be carried out periodically (normally once in 24 hours of operation, more frequently if the pressure drop across the bed exceeds o.5 kgs/cm2.




Activated Carbon Filters (ACF)

This filter contains activated carbon, which removes
-Color of water
And it will remove mainly free chlorine in feed water to R.O System .due to free chlorine membrane may effects serious damage.

aquapureguard carbon filter
Antiscaling Dosing System

This dosing system consists of a dosing pump with chemical storage tank. In this tank an antiscalant chemical is added in proportionate dosage in order to prevent the scaling tendency (like Ca&Mg scales) in the raw water before passing to membrane system. This chemical is to be added with dosage of 5ppm of the raw water quantity. The chemical is added in 25ltrs of water and passed to dosing pump.


Micron Cartridge Filters

These filters are used to remove the left over particles passed through the media filters. It can be filtered up to 5-micron particle size. This filter has to be removed from the housing and washed with normal water with pressure once in 10 days.


High-Pressure Pump

This pump buildup high-pressures for filtering the dissolved solids minerals from raw water and it used to pressurize the water up to 0-16Kg/Cm2 and this water is supplied to membrane system.


Membrane Process


Membrane is a kind of filter made up of composite polyamide. It can be filtered up to 0.0001 of micron size. When the water is passed to high-pressure pump to the membrane. It removes up to 99% of reject particles of TDS.

membrance process
When a semi-permeable membrane separates pure water from concentrated water, the pure water will move into the concentrated water to equilibrate the system. This is known as osmotic pressure if a mechanical force is applied to exceed the osmotic pressure (up to 700 psi), the water is forced to move down the concentration gradient i.e. from low to high concentration. Permeate designates pure water passing through the membrane, and Reject (concentrate) designates the concentrated not passing through the membrane.


Storage Tank

The product water of the R.O plant will have less TDS.So; a blending line from the raw water will be added to the storage tank in order to have minimum minerals of the water for drinking purpose.


UV Systems

This UV system is installed to kill the bacteria that are developed in the storage tank. A ultra-violet purifier unit contains one or more germicidal ultraviolet lamps. This lamp produces ultraviolet wavelengths that are lethal to microorganisms. Approximately 95% of the ultraviolet energy emitted is at the mercury resonance line of 254 nanometers. This wavelength is in the region of maximum germicidal effectiveness and is highly lethal to virus, bacteria and mold spores. Therefore, the water or air that passes through the chamber is exposed to the germicidal UV light and the genetic material of the microorganism is deactivated, which prevents them from reproducing and renders them harmless.



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